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While playing basketball, I felt what seemed like a 90 MPH fast ball to my ankle – little did I know i had just ruptured my achilles tendon.  After surgery, knowing how long recovery is for this type of injury I wanted to find the best, and I was blessed to find MorFitness.  Their kind, professional and extremely competent staff was just what I needed, and in as little as 4 months I was running again!  This staff is the best at what they do and their passion for patient care and well being consistently surpassed my expectations.  I highly recommend these guys, and thank them for getting me back on my feet.

Ivan Fiallo

We have been regular clients of MORF for almost two years and we like the combination of a fitness gym with the additional rehab treatments available for when we need special attention that may require stretching or a message.  There are always professionals available to provide the guidance and support that we all need.  The staff is friendly and well qualified.  Felipe provides a great atmosphere and we give his studio a top rating.

Helena & Marinus Otte

I first became acquainted with Felipe Otero back about seven years ago when he was renting space at Gables Fitness. My physical complaint at the time was pain in my left knee. Felipe was quick to diagnose my plantar fasciitis (also known as plantar fasciopathy or jogger’s heel) which is a common painful disorder affecting the heel and underside of the foot. This injury contributed to my modified gate which was the actual cause of the pain in my knee. His diagnosis and treatment facilitated my return to the tennis court in a matter of eight weeks. He was also instrumental in the diagnosis and treatment of my symptoms associated with Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis which is a condition in which the outer part of the elbow becomes sore and tender due to the repetitive stress of certain activities such as swinging a tennis racket.

Fast forward to September 15th, 2014 on which day I was critically injured in a fall from an extension ladder with a landing on an asphalt-paved driveway. My injuries included but were not limited to: basil skull fracture, multiple broken ribs, rotator cuff injury, and non-displaced fractures of my pelvis. When I emerged from HealthSouth Rehab after a nearly two month hospitalization at two different local establishments, I began my outpatient physical rehabilitation at Felipe’s bright new MORF facility.

On the Saturday morning of November 17th, 2014 I weighed in at 146 pounds and began the arduous battle to regain not only the weight that I had lost, but also the strength, balance, and stamina necessary to continue my active life. Felipe along with his assistant Felipe Gaitan as well as an entire flock of physical therapy interns have assisted me over the course of the last four months to continue to attain my goal of a robust existence. I have regained 24 pounds of lean muscle with a scant 13.4% total body fat; I am on track with my balance and stamina issues; and I have benefitted from the intense physical therapy sessions ‘on-the-table’ as well.

If you have been injured and require INTENSE outpatient physical therapy, I have never found a more all-encompassing rehabilitative atmosphere than the one made available to me at MORF!

Satisfied Customer

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