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At Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness not only do we treat a large scope of physical ailments we also provide individualized training programs with state of the art exercise equipment. We provide personal care and attention to our patients and aim to create a positive environment. Whether a patient is being treated following a surgery, illness or some sort of injury our treatment programs and plans are designed to assist in the recovery process as quickly as possible.

Quite often when a patient suffers a strain or sprain of any type they are left unable or limited to perform their normal daily activities in a pain free manner.  This can become extremely frustrating for the patient because their injuries may sometimes be overlooked or not treated in the proper manner. Since this type of injury is sometimes more difficult to pinpoint, at times it may be a bit more complex to treat.  Our experienced staff at Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness has the expertise to evaluate and properly treat these specific types of injuries and create an individualized physical therapy treatment program depending on the patient’s specific needs, which helps the patient recover in timely manner.

Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness specializes in treatment of various orthopedic conditions and injuries. We offer pre-op and post-op treatment for a wide range of ailments which include but are not limited to: joint replacement surgery, ankle reconstruction, ACL reconstruction, biceps repair, meniscus repair, rotator cuff repair, Achilles rupture, spinal fusion or any injury a patient may have suffered which requires surgical repair. We also treat patients that may be plagued by pain or a disability caused by degeneration. By working closely with each patients physician to create a personalized rehabilitation plan of care, our dedicated staff is committed to assisting patients regain their optimal physical capabilities in order to live an independent, pain free life.

We understand the importance of athletic safety during competition, however, at some point in time an athletic injury is an unfortunate and unavoidable circumstance. Whether it is an injured youth, collegiate or professional athlete, our staff has had the opportunity to work one on one with patients and their physicians to restore and maintain their abilities they may have lost due to a sports related injury. Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness can assure that each patient will receive the highest quality patient care available with a customized training and treatment program plan that will focus on specific core issues. Our ultimate goal is to assist each athlete in their journey back to optimal physical condition and competition.

Our facility is proud to offer a training program to athletes of all ages that is geared towards injury protection and improvement of specific areas of interest (speed, strength, agility, endurance and flexibility) which are key components in improving performance and preventing injury at the same time. Flexible participation during and between seasons is highly recommended for optimal outcome. Our highly trained staff focuses on educating and assisting athletes by effectively and safely enhancing their physical capabilities which will ultimately allow them to reach their maximum potential.

At Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness we specialize in providing one on one care to our patients. We strive to not only meet but to exceed the expectations of our patients by creating personalized rehabilitation plan of care programs that focus on aiding each patient’s recovery process following a surgery, illness or injury. We understand that the initial phases of therapy may be a bit overwhelming for the patient. However, we strive to maintain a clear line of communication with the patient and their physicians in order to follow the progress of their treatment. We believe that educating our patients and having them actively involved in their treatment plan tends to produce optimal results and makes their recovery experience much more positive.

We are proud to offer our patients a personalized prevention and wellness program at Miami Orthopedics Rehab & Fitness. Our program is specifically designed to protect our patients from future possible injuries and prevent re-injuries as well. Each program is specifically designed not only to improve but to maintain overall physical conditioning and strength by having patients engage in a regular exercise program and providing nutritional counseling as well for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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